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Don't know where to put this.
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Sun Sep 27 2009, 06:59PM
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Hey, I'm new to this website, so I honestly don't know what this will fit under.

But, my question is, is there a map that someone made, where you can BUY the Wunderwaffe off of the wall? Or something like that. Just wondering, thanks in advance

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I kill u
Tue Feb 02 2010, 10:05PM
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I think it would be a good idea to add a new power up like infinity ammo that will last as long as insta kill would.
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Sun Jun 13 2010, 11:31AM
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yeah and new perks
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Thu Dec 15 2011, 07:09PM
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Yes, There is a map where ypu can buy the wunderwaffe off of the wll, but it costs 30.000 or 20.000 (its the upgraded wunderwaffe, not normal one) but the map is really hard i dont think that anyone can reach 30.000 do buy it without cheats
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Sun Jun 17 2012, 03:18AM
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there is a map where you cal BUY THE WONDER WAFFLE OFF OF THE WALL!!!!!!!! its called: nazi_zombie_tutorial. a.k.a. nazi_zombie_hotel. THE MAP IS AWSOME. the wonder waffle is 2500 in the last room. its called the "TESLA GUN" becuz it explodes once you shoot it.... (at some things like zombies)
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Wed Jul 10 2013, 08:55AM
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@Antihero In simpsons you can buy it for 10 points
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