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COD5 lvl 100 no glitch tactic video
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Fri Feb 27 2009, 03:49PM
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Hello, I recently reached lvl 100 on the xbox, I didn't know how some people can't even get past lvl 10 without glitching etc and I have seen many glitches which can't get past lvl 30.

So here is my video, hope you enjoy it and try it out, I recommend a Flamethrower and possibly a raygun as well for lvl 10-40

Basically it's best with one person or one in the room and one somewhere else, unless yous can stay very tight together.

In the early rounds get as many points as you can by:
lvl 1 shoot the zombie 8 times in the leg with a pistol then knife (around 250 points per zombie).
lvl 2 same thing but 9-10 times in the leg then knife. (around 280 points per zombie)
lvl 3 8 times in chest then knife. (around 280 points per zombie but I did get around 350 points a few times)
lvl 4 onwards they kind of run at you to fast and you should be out of ammo, you should have the 2000 for the 2 stairs and probably around 2-3 tries at the box.

Open the upstairs first and then the other stairs to get into the help room(don't open the door)

Try get a flamethrower or raygun, the raygun will be better for the early rounds as the zombies will be more spread around the room you will need to run around faster. At around lvl 40 they stay more in bunches so there's not as much running about.

Just run around like what I did in the video if the zombies are on both sides in front of you move back into the corner you want them to go to then when there's a small gap sprint for it, sometimes you might need to change direction.

[ Edited Fri Feb 27 2009, 03:51PM ]
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Fri Feb 27 2009, 08:47PM
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just to make it easier,
and nice one btw
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Fri Feb 27 2009, 08:57PM
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Sat Feb 28 2009, 12:53PM
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single player everyone hits lvl 100....../god ftw.....nice try though it was cute
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Sun Mar 01 2009, 08:26PM
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I think you can't cheat on XBOX WITH PC CHEATS
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