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Nazi Zombie Gefangnis
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Fri Feb 06 2009, 05:32PM
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The map is about 70 % done, really creppy looking and plays great so far. I will hope to have a good chunk of it done this weekend and may be looking for people to test it. The following is a link to some screenshots.


suggestions or feedback appreciated.

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Fri Feb 06 2009, 06:56PM
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Click here for the hyperlink

it just makes it easier

[ Edited Fri Feb 06 2009, 06:57PM ]
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Fri Feb 06 2009, 06:58PM
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Fri Feb 06 2009, 11:19PM
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looks pretty gd so far
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Tue Feb 10 2009, 02:46AM
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Looks nice. How many rooms will there be, and about how big is the map?
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Tue Feb 10 2009, 05:40AM
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can u make remove health insreasing of zombie - so it it still can be fun with any gun - not only laser one and flame . (btw laser gun and flame becoming to be really boring )
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Wed Feb 11 2009, 02:17PM
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The basic layout of the map has 5 playable areas. Each with 1, 2 or 3 spawning areas. The last stand area has a few surprises.

I would like to decrease or set a max for the zombie health but i dont know how to do that.

The map is complete, justs needs the little details now. I plan on getting it out within the week for initial testing.

Am dying to get this one done, already have a new idea. lol

released maps:
cabin fever

current project
zombie gefangnis
cabin fever final release
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Fri Feb 13 2009, 05:21PM
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the map must called "gefaengnis" <- this is correct german
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