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Co-op joining problem
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Thu Jan 01 2009, 11:39PM
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Hey guys, i have been getting this problem with CoD5 Co-op where when i try to join a server on Co-op or Zombies nothing happens. i've tried double clicking clicking join heaps of time. (This doesnt alwase happen) is it just my computer or is anyone else getting it?

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Fri Jan 02 2009, 08:59AM
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i think it is normal, 80% do not work for me either.
i read somewhere co-op will be fixed, this join thing might be fixed to then.

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Fri Jan 02 2009, 04:23PM
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yes almost every 1 gets the same prob, its ok a cerant times of the day 4 me then nothing .hope it gets sorted asap.
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Fri Jan 02 2009, 06:18PM
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Its a bug that nobody has yet figured out. There are countless threads on this issue. I can only join certain persons...others i cannot; and vice-versa. I hope it really does get fixed in the next patch, but Id be surprised; as they have yet to even acknowledge the issue.
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Sat Jan 03 2009, 09:26AM
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if you can't connect with invites, try searching in your "friends" browser list for their server after they have hosted, or have them give it a custom name and search for that on the regular list. Usually if you can find it you can get in this way. Also works for LAN, one person hosts, and instead of inviting the other computer they will look for the server on the LAN list.


Side Note: On the creator's side of thing, addressing issues causes issues, but they are listening to everything and be sured at some point they will fix what they deem needs fixing and expect more multiplayer maps as well. Just dont hope for much work on the zombie side of things.

[ Edited Sat Jan 03 2009, 09:27AM ]
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Sat Jan 03 2009, 09:47AM
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How do you get LAN to work without a crack? ive got some friends coming over in a few days who havnt bought the game and i want to play the custom maps with them and having a LAN patch makes it so they dont work
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Sun Jan 04 2009, 01:46AM
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i got the game off a mate and at the time the 1st crack didn't even load the map... so i bought tthe game so worth it!!!! no bugs and now i can play online and vs my mate.

[ Edited Sun Jan 04 2009, 12:04PM ]
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Sun Jan 04 2009, 11:09PM
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Yea theres a crack out now that loads the map hopefully it will work for LAN though id prefer they bought the game could play with them over the net instead of LAN
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