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COD5 DEBATE - Please share your opinions
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Tue Dec 16 2008, 12:54PM
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Hi all,

So i wanted to ask everyone a simple question. Your input is very much welcomed on this site and it would effect my ideas and plans for mapping in the future.

As COD WAW is WW2 based..... "Is it acceptable to make modern maps?"

I was looking at the zombie map, "mall" today and i really liked the layout, but its going to be WW2 models running around a 21st century mall. Whats your views on that? Iv had some ideas, and most of the have been modern, therefore i have scrapped them as i cant go back to mapping in COD4 radiant as it was too time consuming!

Would you prefer for the maps to reflect the times - 1940s? (mostly) or would you not mind in some maps being set in recent times?
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Tue Dec 16 2008, 05:51PM
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Personally I think it is appalling to see something as unrealistic as this... I mean... nazi zombies in a MODERN mall... that would never happen in real life...
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Tue Dec 16 2008, 06:13PM
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So your against the idea! Im 50 50, i mean i know is a game, but for a good game to become immersive enough, it needs to be set in the times.
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Tue Dec 16 2008, 06:17PM
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don't forget it just a game, modern, old, new, whatever. if you zombie map is fun. i think thats the only thing that counts.
on the other hand if someone could make new skins for the zombies so they don't look like nazi, but just zombies it would be cool also. the main reason i play zombie is cause it's fun! So make fun maps. i could care less wheres it's set put it on the moon for all i care for gods sakes theres already a ray gun. Just make FUN maps!!!
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Wed Dec 17 2008, 11:49PM
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sometimes it is fun to make not even moder but even more futuristic - look at death star map in call of duty 2. lol u have ww2 soldiers runing in star wars based map with everything recreated nearly the way it is it is just depends if u can find that mark between timelines not to look wierd as it don't fit but to make it wierd as it is funny i hope u got me XD
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